ManSmarts: The Music

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ManSmarts: The Music


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Cowgirl Free (ft. Vanessa Bryan) Music Video




 Diva Anthem (feat. Dana Meller) Music Video:


ManSmarts: The Music

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Twelve Songs Based on "the 12 character types of women"

DJ Peace, Songwriter

Songs written by DJ Peace.

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Damian Valentine

Produced by Damian Valentine.

DJ Peace + Featured Artists:

Vanessa Bryan

Vanessa Bryan





Dana Meller

Dana Meller


The Harbingers

The Harbingers

Paul Falcon

Paul Falcon

Michael Greenfield

Mike Greenfield Guitarist




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  1. Cruise Control (Bad Girl) - DJ Peace (Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas, El Tal and Evan Richards) /Hard Rock/
  2. Cowgirl Free (Miss Independent) - DJ Peace featuring Vanessa Bryan (Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas and Damian Valentine) / Contemporary Classic Rock/
  3. (Watch Out for the) Gold Digger - DJ Peace featuring Vanessa Bryan(Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas and Damian Valentine) /Rock, R&B, Hip Hop/
  4. Diva Anthem - DJ Peace featuring Dana Meller (Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas and Damian Valentine) /Pop/Hip Hop/R&B/
  5. Ms. 24/7 (Superwoman) - DJ Peace featuring Mista' YOUNGBLOOD and Paul Falcon (Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas, Damian Valentine and Paul Falcon) /Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Pop, Latin/
  6. Lights, Camera, Action! (The Actress) - DJ Peace(Songwriter: Mark Peace Thomas, X,S. and Damian Valentine)/Alt EDM/
  7. Can't Forget You (Mother Goose) - DJ Peace (Songwriter: Mark Peace Thomas) /Rock, Pop/
  8. Always Be Mine (Sweetheart) - DJ Peace featuring Dana Meller (Songwriter: Mark Peace Thomas) /Reggae, Pop/Rock/
  9. Say Anything (Shy Girl) - DJ Peace featuring Mista' YOUNGBLOOD (Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas and Damian Valentine) /R&B, Pop, Ballad/
  10. S.O.N.D.I. Love You (Daddy's Girl) - DJ Peace featuring The Harbingers (Songwriter: Mark Peace Thomas) /Contemporary Classic Rock/
  11. No Means No (Hollywood) - DJ Peace featuring Vanessa Bryan(Songwriters: Mark Peace Thomas and Damian Valentine) /Rock EDM/
  12. Your Mind Denies (Feminist) - DJ Peace (Songwriters: Damian Valentine and Mark Peace Thomas) /Alt Rock/


  1. Ms. 24/7 (La Super Mujer) - DVM Reggaeton REMIX featuring Paul Falcon, Mista' YOUNGBLOOD
  2. Ho Said No (Explicit Version) - DJ Peace (Exclusive unreleased track: Buy Now)


KISS Tribute E.P. Do You Love Me? featuring guitarist: Bruce Kulick:

DJ Peace: Do You Love Me? (Tribute to Kiss)

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Copyright 2012/2019 by Mark Peace Thomas. ManSmarts: The Music. Song titles and song order subject to change.

DJ Peace and DJ Peace face design are registered trademarks. All Rights Reserved. DJ Peace is not affiliated with the band KISS.

"ManSmarts" Used by Permission.

Cover artwork and design by Damian Valentine. DJ Peace Photo: Ken Knotts.

(P) Peaceful Pop Records: 626-793-1877.

ManSmarts: The Music features music and lyrics written by DJ Peace, Damian Valentine, El Tal, Evan Richards and XS. Featured artists include: Vanessa Bryan (Vocals), Dana Meller (Vocals), Mista' YOUNGBLOOD (Vocals), The Harbingers: Kris Olsen (Guitar, Vocals), Keith Erickson (Drums, Vocals, Percussion), Damian Valentine (Bass Guitar), Chuck Cicirello (Guitar, Vocals), Paul Falcon (Spanish Rap Vocals), Kyle Castellani (Vocals), Michael Greenfield (Lead Guitar) and Mark Peace Thomas (Vocals / Rap). Awesome Entertainment corporate show and concert opening act is coming soon.

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