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S.O.N.D.I. (Love You) (feat. The Harbingers) Lyrics

S.O.N.D.I (Love You) (featuring The Harbingers) – DJ Peace (Rock) (Daddy’s Girl)

(written by Mark Peace Thomas)

(Chorus) S.O.N.D.I. / S.O.N.D.I. /S.O.N.D.I.

Love You

Blonde Hair   Blue Eyes   Love Her Madly
She really tries
To Keep Me Satisfied

It’s much too soon   I Know  to say our love will grow
But if we believe in being strong

If we believe together
If we believe we can’t go wrong
We can ride out the stormy weather
And lay within the calm

It started out as fun   I wanted you to be 
A hit and run
To keep me satisfied

But I found a whole lot more
Than what I was looking for
And I wouldn’t change a thing
Even if I could  Oh No

Cause I don’t want another lover
I don’t need another heart
Let’s work at keeping this together
Instead of breaking us apart (repeats over guitar solo)

End with Chorus

The Harbingers Kris Olsen Keith Erickson Damian Valentine Chuck Cicarelli

(The Harbingers perform 'S.O.N.D.I. (Love You)' at DJ Peace CD Release Party at The Kibitz Room in Cante's Deli. Photo by Mike Brown)

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